Monday, September 18, 2006

Straddling the fence

Lack of commitment oozes out of Indian politics.Non commital politicians and babu's are the bane of this country.No body wants to take the plunge.Let the other guy test the water for crocs.This extends to our foreign policy as well.We have but a feeble voice in international affairs.NAM is where the heart is. Just needs a little more 'alignement' and focussed towards this new emerging concept of pre-emptism which currently is the main reason for much of the unstability seen in the world.Take an active stand( At the recent XIV NAM summit at Havana, the PM emitted all the right sound bytes except take a strong stance against the above said trend.I guess he took the tru meaning of NAM to heart.Straddling the fence is what India seems adept at.On several issues India has tried to raise a voice but it has not been strong enough and has not been backed with a tough action.We let issues slide and then they get worse and we look towards the heavens. A Proactive India is a super India..end of story..

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