Sunday, August 12, 2007

bada bing!

sasquatch! aaaaaaaaargh!..
i dunno..but i feel like acting really dramatic once in a while! it childish enthusiasm or just plain immaturity, it releases a lot of creative tension.Creative in a wacky,quirky sort of way. Its when you talk about a lot of unrelated things and then come up with a really ingenious link between them. To the 'normal' person it would seem like utter gibberish,but it is not. It is a unique and brilliant way of looking at things, a new angle. Observation skills at another level.It could be the workings of a fragmented mind. Enough work,i guess has been done studying the workings of an average person, but i'm not sure about studies on a fragmented mind. Its not so much an abnormality(even though many people believe so..i have been the victim of this thought many times!!:)).Its more like a gift (no not like leprosy)a gift us people have to live say..batman..or spiddy.."with great power comes great responsibility"..its just like that..we see things that others dont or choose not to..that is the essence of this gift.How did we get this gift??..some of us are born with it..others acquire it through hours of watching cartoon network and playing CS or warcraft for days at end..the latter option is a tricky one..too many hrs of playing and you would end up morose,suicidal and a would be serial killer..just like my pal code named shadow..sigh..he's gone off to study in pennsylvania..may the lord have mercy on his soul..anyways..back on track..such fragmented minds need to identified and understood by the next time you hear one of 'us' say something like.."When in Rome...make sure you'r not on Roaming"..dont give us that exasperated look..see beyond the joke..appreciate the genius..applaud our mental us on a pedestal and honour us..most likely you will never reach our state of weed no booze no pills will lead u to where we are..on a high everyday day after day..tataaa!!

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