Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bottom Feeders Rule

Bottom feeders rule!!
**Disclaimer-this is a highly passionate and biased blog reflecting my state of mind,you are entitled to an opinion,but dont bother telling me :-) !**
Yes i'm writing this because i am one, if it hasn't struck u yet!Companies and organizations survive because of bottom feeders..those guys who have just joined with no experience only a graduate degree or with no prior work experience.All the dirty work gets done by us. So how is it that the guys with so much work and responsibility get so little respect? The bosses and managers sit comfy in their plush offices designating work, jet setting across the world attending cocktail parties and conferences, but how much 'work' or 'thinking' do they do?? I agree managing people is tough but really, is it tougher than solving partial differential equations? I wont go to the extent of saying its all hot air, but I think its time for organizations to change their settings, rewire corporate structure. The latest buzz word in top level management is to grow horizontally which is good! So go read the disclaimer..biased blog! i propose a bottom up organization. Think about it, more power to the bottom feeders, respect us for our number crunching skills.Sounds like communist jingoism?? Well it is to an extent but I will counter that by saying corporates must reduce the over emphasis on top management. So u have a Harvard degree,big deal. Leave your 20th floor penthouse office and come down to the 1st floor office where blood sweat and coffee is spilt on the 'real' tangible work.So there!I've cocked a snook at my bosses and most probably i will lose my job next Monday.I shall find solace in Dilbert!

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