Sunday, August 12, 2007

random musings of a fractured psyche

Well!Here I am writing another spur of the moment,passion induced, late night blog. What is it that I have always dreamnt about?Sports ofcourse!The triumph of the human spirit against all odds,beating all expectations,proving your critics let your game do the talking!..I've had innumerable dreams,thoughts and day dreams about playing that perfect cover drive..that amazing backhand down the line..that incredible 400m finish!..the fuel for all these??..The hero's..I guess I spent more time watching ESPN and STAR SPORTS than HBO and STAR MOVIES. Who are these hero's and why them? Let me list them out in chronological order-
1.Andre Agassi-Pure style 'Rebel' image,hitting the ball on the rise etc etc
2.Pete Sampras A.K.A 'Pistol' Pete - for his no nonsense,tennis is all that matters attitude, best tennis player I have ever watched, incredible concentration and divine serve and volley game.That match against Jim Courier at the Aussie Open final(year??)brings tears to my eyes even as I write this, just sheer determination and pedigree
3.Michael Chang- Not the greatest tennis player that ever was but I learnt the Most valuable lesson-never ever give up,chase down everything,return every serve and drop volley,die on the court!
4.Sachin Tendulkar-I picked up a cricket bat after watching Tendlya stun the entire world during the 96 world up. For sheer perfection,years of hardwork,determination and loyalty to the game..make that any game..look no further than the man executing that most glorious of all front foot punched cover drive! Role Model for all generations..Live life along the lines of Sachin Tendulkar and you'r living it the right way..Humility,Honesty,Dedication,Perfection,Focus. Thats my hero for life!
5.Michael Jhonson -Talent,Speed,Talent,Speed! One of the greatest runners of all times.Another great lesson- when no one is chasing you doesnt mean the race is still gotta still gotta win in your head!
6.Roger Federer - Is he better than Sampras? I dont care! Sublime!Supreme!Divine!Pure Gold!..brings back the pedigree to the game!..The rebirth of my interest in the game after the exit of sampras was because of the FedEx..Class Class Class..All hail the new king..theres nothing you can learn from him!..Theres just no point as it cannot be emulated by us mere mortal..some of those the cross court top spin whip of a forehand on the run is almost unbelievable if it wasnt for slow motion videos!..You can only hope to have a fraction of his talent in your next birth! All hail the Emperor!
7.Andre Agassi-For a different reason now - The world has changed..You may have lost your hair..thats hardly a reason for you to stop believing in age 35 and being the oldest man on tour, Agassi hardly let his age determine his game!..Keep pushin on..keep overcoming thrice as hard when the going gets tough..and overcome it all!..The man who has evolved from being the 'image is everything' youth to the 'endurance,determination,dedication and focus is everything' man..An inspiration for the rest of my life..Here's to the best returner of serve!..

OK!..time to sleep now!..and dream about playing under lights agaisnt Australia chasing an improbable total at Sharjah..facinf shane warne and glenn mcgrath//hmmm or maybe i can dream of lifting my first wimbledon crown!...hmmm..anyways..happy dreaming to you!

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