Sunday, August 12, 2007

!!The wrecking ball is in their court now!!

What do Hamas and Fatah want?? is very obvious palestinian interests are not on their agenda anymore. The whole palestinian state seems to be running around like a headless chicken.Their only reason for their medieval style hatred for everything non islamic was snatched away after Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip(very very smart tactical move). Even weirder is the fact that after Hamas was 'voted' to power they seem to have backtracked from their 'destroy israel' campaign.Atleast this is what is being seen on the exterior.Atleast this was a shock to me.I expected an increase in violence against Israel. Looking back i now realise this is a prudent move by Hamas's top leadership, considering the fact that the US,UN,European Union and Russia have categorically stated that they will suspend vital aid for the war torn territory unless the palestinian authority recogniose israel and comply with all previous agreements. Israel had earlier taken an even bigger step forward by collecting taxes from its citizens and giving it to the palestinians. Israel has suspended this for the last few months. So it is pretty clear that hamas has been forced into a corner hence deciding to recognise israel and comply to the past agreements in whatever way they feel is right. This move has enraged Fatah and hardliners in the Hamas camp including PM Mahmoud Zahar. The recent UN conclave was the centre stage where President Mahmoud Abbas stated the Palestinian authorities move to accept the conditions recieving support from the above said quartet. On the one hand they need aid..lots of it..theres almost no economy left in p[alestine..supporters of Hamas and fatah may feed on hatred towards israel and the us..but for how they have no reason to continue the hatred and violence agaisnt the jews..Palestinians are caught in an internal struggle for power and ideology between Hamas and Fatahwho will have the guts to finally bring closure to this long standing thorn in the middle east..suturing this wound would effectively solve 90% of the middle east crisis..civil war is imminent in Palestine while Israel watches on in glee.They have definitely flung the wrecking ball into palestines court!

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